This week is my spring break (woohoo!), although I don’t really get any sort of break. I am still up to my eyeballs in school and work. Since I’m not really celebrating any break, I can at least celebrate the spring part. Things are beautiful and blooming around the neighborhood.

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a porch remake

Let me refresh your memory about what our porch looked like. In front we had a gnarled, nearly dead tree and a younger scrappy junk tree. While they provided so much appreciated shade, the bigger tree needed to be cut down because so much of it was dead and hanging over the house, and the younger tree wasn’t anything that was treasured.  Behind the trees the porch had plastic white lattice that provided lots of privacy. However the lattice was becoming brittle and breaking, and the plastic was kind of cheap looking. Behind the lattice there was screen that had long been destroyed by dogs, and it let in plenty of wasps and mosquitoes. Inside the porch, the trim and ceiling were painted white, and the paint was chipping and moldy. Our initial plan wasn’t to re-do everything, but as projects do, this one just sort of spiraled into a total overhaul.

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dumplin mania

One of the things we fell in love with in Canada (besides Canada itself) was dumplings. In Montreal we ate twice at a restaurant that exclusively had dumplings of all types on the menu. It was love at first bite. Then in Toronto, we found ourselves in a chaotic dim sum restaurant, where carts and carts of fried dumplings and steamed buns passed by. This was an entire group of food that I had no idea I was missing out on. Luckily in Montgomery, we have a pretty good variety of Asian markets in the city. The selection of dumplings alone at the Korean market is slightly overwhelming. There are frozen buns and dumplings stuffed with any type of meat or vegetable you can think of. And if you are feeling like branching out, you can buy gyoza wrappers and make your own stuffing for dumplings. In my experience, home-made dumplings are much more flavorful than the store-bought kind.

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I don’t really watch the NFL, but I made an exception a few weeks ago and watched the Super Bowl. Now, I am a college football gal, and we spent most Saturdays this fall eating food and watching games, but I just never got into pro ball. But the Super Bowl provided an excuse to eat badly one more time and catch one last game. So for the game I made hot wings, ricotta dip, and sweet potato fries. I decided to make the wings a little more interesting by baking them with a dry rub first before coating them with wing sauce. They turned out pretty good.

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It haint blue

The porch ceiling is done and ready to keep away any ghosts. Here is a preview of the blue we picked. Two other points: Painting ceilings is messy and rough on the back, and two- we did a hell of alot more to the porch than just paint the ceiling. The post will come soon.

honeymoon- Toronto

The next leg on our honeymoon journey, after leaving lovely Montreal, was the major metropolitan of Toronto. I don’t think either of us realized just how big the city was until we got there. Actually it was one of those cities that was hard to grasp the size and scale of. And like any major metropolitan, the things to do and see were endless.

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Spring strikes

Spring strike early in the South. Daffodils and irises are rising and blooming. The Japanese magnolias are in full bloom, littering neighbors yards with pink petals. We took a few photos on our walk yesterday. Enjoy the pretty.

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