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October afternoon walk

On my birthday (wayyyy back in October) the mister and I took the dogs on a walk that afternoon. I wanted to post the pictures from that day (even though it is almost 2 months later) because the afternoon was so beautiful, it was my birthday, and we got some great photos of us and the dogs. Enjoy!



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82 northwest

I made a trip to Tuscaloosa for work this week. I used to go to school there a few years ago and really loved the drive along 82. It is so rural and lush, filled with abandon fruit stands, farm lands and barbecue joints. So, on my trip this week, I did some photographing while driving. While not the safest thing in the world, I don’t look at the screen. I just point the camera at the window towards the object I was trying to capture and click. Some pictures turn out great, some are a blurry mess, and some became beautiful accidents. It is pretty incredible how many pictures turned out well, considering. (more…)

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