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Metal Matting

I recently found myself with a bunch of metal roof flashing from a failed compost bin attempt. And let me say, the failure was not on the part of my idea, but because of the ingenuity of my gluttonous dog, who will stop at nothing to get food. Any other dog would not have destroyed it so quickly and thoroughly. I wish I had taken a picture of it, because I think, despite its failure, it was a good design just ruined by a bad dog.

Anyway, I have this big spool of metal sitting in my living room that I am trying to think of a use for. I have wanted a way to dress up the prints that I have developed, so I decided to mat the photos with the metal. It gives them a rustic but finished feel. And I like how the silver goes with the black and white. I am generally not into crazy mats on black and white prints. Also, I just recently changed my banjo strings, so I used the thicker bronze string to hang them. No need to go and buy a frame since they are ready to hang.



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