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The Figs

Since last week I posted about my love for lady banjo players, and today I posted about my love for figs, I got a real hankering for The Figs, the fabulous band of ladies from Lafayette, Louisiana. Clawhammer banjo? Clawhammer ukulele?? Those dresses, those voices. Swoon!  My only wish is that they were touring… preferably in my literal backyard. Alas no. I will miss out on this year’s barefoot summer waltzing.

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so lonesome I could cry

I absolutely adore Hank Williams. My fascination with him started in high school when we used to sit at night by his grave and play cards and listen to roots music. I would leave quarters on his grave for the big jukebox in the sky. My favorites have always been Ramblin Man, which may be one of the best songs ever written, and Jambalaya on the Bayou. When I went to see Hurray for the Riff Raff play, she played So Lonesome I Could Cry. I knew the song, but I had overlooked how beautiful the lyrics are.  So at some point I sat down and learned it.

More about Hank Williams:


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It is pretty bad, but I thought I would share anyway. I forget the words, and I am no good at the ukulele yet. But, I made it for someone I adore to cheer them up. So there you have it.

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