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How we turned this room –

Into this room.

I really loved our wedding venue. We got married in an old school-house-turned-community-center out in the country near my families lake house. I love

it because it is close to where my father and grandfather grew up. I love it because when I lived at the lake, I would stop by on Friday nights and watch the old-timers play some great country music and slow dance sweetly. I love the bead-board, wood floors, and high ceilings, and that Hank Williams allegedly played there. I loved that it would be newly rehabbed, it has plenty of room, a giant kitchen, more tables and chairs than we would ever need, and that we could rent it all day for less than $200. I spent more money on Indian food for the wedding than I did the venue. Ain’t that sweet. But this place wasn’t without negatives. No booze, no balloons, mismatched plastic tables and chairs, and one vast and bare room. I kinda liked the chairs, and who cares about balloons, but I was having a really hard time wrapping my head around how we were going to decorate a room this big with super high ceilings.



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We searched fruitlessly for new curtains to go into the newly painted and tranquil bedroom. Everything was either too expensive or not what we were looking for. There are just too many textures and colors that are unappealing to me. So, on a final stop in a day full of curtain shopping (Target, Kohls, World Market, Walmart, Burlington, Pier 1, and Bed Bath and Beyond), I somehow convinced my tired boyfriend to look at fabric at JoAnns. We found a beautiful and light-weight dark blue fabric that was on clearance. Perfect!

Now, I have never made curtains. But I was hoping I could simply hem the edges, buy some rings with clips, and hang those suckers. To my surprise, it was that simple, although it took longer than I expected. We ran into a little snag when we hung the curtains, and they were too wide and drooped and sagged. Luckily that was easily remedied by just creating little folds of overlapped fabric in each of the clips. I think, considering I made them, they turned out fabulous.

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Puppy hammock

One of the bonuses to dating my lovely boyfriend is hanging out with his sweet and well-behaved dog (unlike some beagles I know). However, driving both Bird and Darby around in the back seat of my car left it dirty and covered in hair. I tried laying down towels, but that only worked so well, and I wanted something that looked a little nicer. So I got the idea of making some sort of back seat puppy hammock. Because of my foolish dismissal of the “measure twice, cut once” rule and other mis-starts, it took me forever, but I finally have a working, finished product. I wish I had left a little extra fabric on both sides so I could tuck it in. But overall, despite my sewing inadequacies, it works really well, keeping my seats clean and the dogs in the back.

Puppies in the hammock! Don’t they look excited? No? Damn, ungrateful dogs!

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