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A few weekends ago, we made the delightful trek to Seale, AL for the folk art festival Doo Nanny. I actually had a dream about it earlier this week and decided I needed to post some of my photos. Now I got rather wrapped up in enjoying myself (dancing, drinking, looking, mad-libbing), so I didn’t take many photos, but I wanted to share the ones I did.



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nails in the wall

Almost a month after the official move, we are finally starting to think about putting things on the walls. Even though we both got rid of, sold, or trashed a bunch of things, neither of us got rid of any of are art. My collection consists mostly of black and white prints I developed and folk art posters. Dave has a ton of so many different things: mixed media and paintings by friends, photographs from his trips across the country, paintings he bought in Cuba. Between the two of us, we have alot of really great stuff.

We haven’t gotten around to hanging much of the art yet. We have talked about which art would feel best in what room. We did get around to hanging some mirrors in the house. Before now, if I wanted to see what the lower half of my body looked like, I had to stand on the edge of the tub to see the medicine cabinet mirror. We also hung a great piece of art a friend made for our engagement.

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The Okra Festival

In the depths of sweaty August, one of the most interesting local environmental activists/folk artists throws a big bash in her yard to celebrate art, blues music and okra. The Okra Festival is a nice community gathering in middle of no where in the middle of the steamy summer. I think it is partially an excuse to escape our air-conditioned boxes and commune over food, art and music with our neighbors. It is so easy to hide away the summer days because of how hot it can be.

I normally go to the Okra Festival for work, but don’t let that fool you, I am there for some okra eating and some art buying. Artist Amos Kennedy makes an appearance every year with his humorous and beautiful, letterpress prints. I love my Okra Festival poster from 2008 he did, and his late arrival this year was met with “Amos is here!” murmurs from the crowd. It is good to see a local artist have some local celebrity. I wanted to share some of the neat things I picked up at the fest, including a great okra themed apron that was made by some kids who traveled all the way from D.C. Gotta appreciate that kind of dedication to our favorite slimy delicious vegetable. (more…)

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the ring

I recently became engaged, and one of the sweet perks besides getting to hang out with my best friend for the rest of our lives is a beautiful ring. Now, I wasn’t even sure I was interested in an engagement ring. Sure they are pretty, but they can also be stupidly expensive, cookie cutter and impractical to wear. I realized there was nothing that said I had to have a diamond solitaire ring. (more…)

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art: CM Laster

Last October, I headed to Seale, Alabama with my sister for a folk art festival. CM Laster is a perennial presence at the Doo Nanny festival, so I have seen his art over the past few years. His normal repertoire leans toward portraits of American musicians and presidents, but he also included many bird paintings this year.

Who: CM Laster

What: paint on metal mounted on wood, painted plank of wood

When: purchased Oct 09

Where: purchased at Seale, AL, artist from Crofton, KY

Why: I actually bought three pieces. I bought a piece for my sister for her birthday that she picked out and liked. I bought this one for my boyfriend because he likes birds, and I liked the simplicity of the piece. I also liked the wood the piece is mounted on and how the nail mounting it is the pupil of the eye. The third piece I bought for myself. I was initially only going to buy the other two as gifts, but I was drawn to the third piece and the three birds on it. Aesthetically, I don’t normally go for red, but I especially liked the loggerhead strike and I figured I should go for something new color-wise. Plus he cut me a deal for buying all three.


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Since I have shared a couple posts about Butch Anthony and the Doo Nanny art festival, I thought I would pass along the New York Times story on Anthony that finally came out. The Committee briefly talked to the reporter, but probably for the best, we were not featured in the story. The story is great, and the photos of his house are amazing. I hate that I didn’t find a way to sneak in while I was there. It is fantastical and beautiful. Check it out.

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art: Butch Anthony

So, I am a poor-man’s art collector. I love filling my house with beautiful things, and I love supporting artist, especially local ones. Unfortunately, my budget limits what I can purchase. But I wanted to share and support these artist beyond my meager financial contributions. So I am going to start sharing art that I own, art my boyfriend owns, and art from around the South.

Who: Butch Anthony

What: screen printed poster for the Doo-Nanny festival

When: Purchased March 09.

Where: Seale, Al

Why: I love the Doo-Nanny art festival, but I also love this poster. The font, the lightning blots,  and the corners are nice little details that convey an earthy and beautiful wackiness, which really captures the festival’s atmosphere. I liked the design so much, I bought a t-shirt with it as well. I also must admit, I have a little crush on Butch Anthony. Although I don’t personally know him, he always seems remarkably kind and remarkably calm in his omnipresent overalls as numerous and delightfully crazy strangers overtake his property and drink, dance, build, burn, create, and share. His property contains countless child-like wonders and treasures, which reminds me of both my grandfather and some secret Southern garden.

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